Tiana & Lindsay Engagement @ Sherwood Arboretum

She was his sisters best friend... They've known each other since they were small kids...

Tiana remembers the day she looked at Lindsay and thought, "Hey, he's alright." From there things started growing into more than just friendship.

Lindsay was way too shy to make the first move so it took help from his sister to finally get them together. And they've been inseparable from that moment forward.

Tiana and Lindsay have 2 gorgeous kids together. Xavier who's two and a half, and Iyla who's 6 months old.

The way Lindsay proposed was just the sweetest! This is what Tiana said:

"Lindsay proposed at home. He set up a picnic in the backyard with the 2 kids and had a sign that said MARRY OUR DADDY PLS. He then made me walk outside to see it, popped down on one knee and proposed." Ahhhh love!!

Now check out some photos of these two love birds!

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