Gloriah's Family Photoshoot with a little surprise at the end! 🥰 At Sherwood Arboretum.

I must say, I love photographing families. Okay, I love photographing everyone but kids just light up my heart! This family with the two little gorgeous girls Taliyah & Delilah was no exception.

Taliyah was shy and timid but we got some smiles. If I must act a fool and make silly faces and sings silly songs, then that is what I will do. All for those gorgeous smiles!

Delilah was a happy little gal! No troubles getting smiles out of her! Look at them eyes!

It was such a great afternoon with these guys!

Now the surprise comes at the end! Even though I knew from as soon as we got to the park. Sigi, Gloriah's partner, walked with me and quietly asked "Is there a good spot where I can propose?"

Ummm WHAT? Pressure much! But oh was it exciting! I've never shot a surprise proposal before and was so exited to capture this moment for them.

I told Sigi that there is a beautiful wooden bridge and we will go there last. I told him I'll signal somehow that it's time (I had no ideas how at the time).

So as the photoshoot was happening we finally ended up at the bridge. I was trying to make eye contact with Sigi and nod without Gloriah noticing but I couldn't manage to do it. Hmmm how do I do this?? We haven't done any photos of just Sigi and Gloriah, YES, that's how we will get this done.

Gloriah had brought a friend to help with the girls, so while she was keeping them occupied, I did a few couple shots. I then asked Gloriah to close her eyes in one pose. When she did that I gave Sigi the big nod! He got the ring out of his pocket and asked her to open her eyes! OMG! I've got goosebumps just typing this. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Gloriah had no idea! It was such a special moment and I'm so grateful I got to capture it!

Thank you for trusting me Sigi, you did an amazing job!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Gloriah and Sigi and their beautiful girls. If you need a wedding photographer, you know who to ask! 😜

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