6 tips on what to wear at a family photoshoot!

This is something that I get asked every single time before a family photoshoot. And for good reason! Making sure you're dressed your best for the photos is a very important part of a successfully family photoshoot experience.

Here are my 6 tips on what to wear (and not to wear) at a family photoshoot.

  1. Wear something comfortable! This is the most important. If you're not comfortable, it will show in your photos. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Long flow dresses create movement in photo and is just gorgeous. Guys, think about how tight those pants are!

  2. Avoid bright colours Bright coloured clothes take away from the main focal point of the photographs, which is you and your gorgeous family. Neutral colours with a few pops of colour is nice. Pastels are my favourite.

  3. Avoid too many patterns Same as above, patterns take away from the main focus. A subtle stripe and dot here and there is fine though. Avoid mixing patterns with other family members too.

  4. Avoid themed tee-shirts This is something that's definitely a distraction. A plain tee is always nicer that a large logo on the front of the shirt.

  5. Matching is nice but avoid the matchy-matchy look Matching is always cute! But try and not to match too much. Find a colour palette that compliment each other. You also want your personality to shine. Pinterest has some great ideas!

  6. Think about the season and location Is the photoshoot on a beach? Is it in winter? Think about matching with the season and the location. White works great for beach photoshoots. Where warm colours like mustard and red work great in winter.

Here are some great colour combinations:

  • Denim and Tan

  • Brown and Maroon

  • Denim, Yellow, Crimson

  • Navy, Tan, Cream

  • Glitter and White

  • Crimson, Tan, Denim

  • Red, Grey, Black

  • Navy and Crimson

  • Blush and Teal

  • Blush and White

  • Light Blue, Tan, White

  • Navy, Mustard, White

  • Tan and White

  • Mustard and Teal

  • Light Blue, Tan, White

  • Blue, Green, Yellow

Feel free to get in contact if you're stuck on what to wear. I'm always here to help!

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